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Tips: How to Gain Weight Fast Without Medication

How to gain weight quickly is actually a pretty easy thing. It’s just that there are some tips that need to be done so that the business you are doing is not in vain. As we know have an ideal body weight and proportional is a dream for everyone, both men and women. Just as a person who is overweight, underweight person can certainly reduce confidence.
Before performing a program of weight gain, there is no harm your health check first to find out whether your weight is to be below normal. If so, then maybe you need medical treatment. Did you know that there are some conditions that cause a person’s weight has decreased? For more details, following his review.
  • Anorexia Nervosa
Anorexia nervosa is one health problem that makes an infected so obsessed with skinny body. I was so scared, they will limit their food intake and exercise excessive consumption. Some of them also will strive brings back food he had consumed.
  • hyperthyroidism
Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the body can cause a disruption in the body’s metabolism. A common symptom experienced by a person suffering from this disease are weight loss is very significant, pounding heart, rapid mood changes and anxiety.
  • Celiac disease
Next is the celiac disease. This disease makes the sufferer’s body can not absorb the nutrients of food he consumes.Therefore, a person with this condition will experience weight loss.
Now that some of the causes of the weight loss. Then how do I fix this? Try to follow the following way.

How to Increase Weight Quickly and Naturally

Eating Nutrition Rich Foods
A simple and effective way to gain weight is to eat a healthy diet rich in proper nutrition. And you should avoid foods high in sugar and fat. Although both can increase the weight, but the food is not healthy and can lead to other health related problems. Some of the nutrient-rich foods that can be consumed on a daily basis, namely fruits, vegetables, legumes, skinless chicken meat and others.
Adding Calorie Intake
In addition to eating foods rich in nutrients, it is important to increase the intake of calories in each food you. As add grated cheese and milk. A person who has a low weight are of course free to consume any food to increase their weight. However, you still must be careful in choosing foods because if not careful can lead to excess sugar and cholesterol in the body.
Eating or juice Smoothies
Next is to eat smoothies or juices. Smoothies are fruit-based drink mixed with yogurt or milk and other ingredients are then in a blender. This drink is certainly healthier and better when compared with soft drinks, coffee or other energy drinks that has no nutrients.
Exercise Routine
Exercising regularly is also one way to gain weight quickly and effectively that you can try. Not only can exercise in building muscle strength, exercise can also increase a person’s appetite. Some of the sports that can be tested include aerobics, swimming, running and riding a stationary bike. In addition to exercise, you can combine them with a protein-rich beverage consumption, such as low-fat milk before bed.
Drinking 30 Minutes After Eating
Drink plenty of water before meals can certainly make the stomach feel full. Therefore, to avoid this you should eat or drink in the middle 30 minutes after eating. This of course can make the body can absorb more calories.
Regular breaks
The poor quality of sleep that you do can make the body’s metabolic system can not work properly. To avoid this make regular breaks and get up on time so that the body remains fresh and of course weight is maintained.
Eating Snacks
Nothing wrong with adding a few snacks in between main meals. But make sure you eat healthy snacks like fruits, salad vegetables, soy beans, stew and other kagung. As much as possible avoid processed foods, fried or packaged foods. Because these foods contain high in bad fats and sodium are not good for health.
Eat Your Favorite Food
Eating favorite foods are also the most effective way to lose weight. Not only that, for those who are following the weight gain program, more frequent meals with smaller portions is also highly recommended.
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