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Tips: Beauty and Skin Care Naturally with Lime

Not only used as a mixture of cooking, lemon is also often used for the treatment of facial skin is naturally the most effective. In matters of the kitchen, which has a sour taste fruit is commonly used to remove the fishy smell as well as a flavoring in cooking, such as soup, rawon and other types of cuisine. In addition, lime can also be used as a refreshing drink and certainly has properties that are good for health.
As we know this fruit is rich in nutrients, among which vitamin C, citric acid, amino acids, minerals, iron, carbohydrates, calcium, essential oils and many more. So do not be surprised if lime is often used as an ingredient in herbal remedies. But not only to maintain a healthy body alone, lime is also very helpful to maintain the beauty of the skin.

Every woman must want to have white skin, healthy and free of acne. No need to bother doing skin care beauty salon. Because only by utilizing the lemon you can have a healthy skin and bright. Before discussing about how to skin care with lemon, here are the benefits of lemon for skin care they may need.
Here’s Benefits for Beauty Skin Lime
1. Overcome Oily and Dull
The benefits of the first is to address oily and dull. The face is dull and greasy course can disrupt a person’s appearance. But you do not worry, natural facial skin care with lime juice may also prevent oily face and of course free of dullness.
2. Eliminate Acne
Just as dull and oily skin, facial acne also very disturbing appearance of a person. Acne appears on the face is often caused by irregular in terms of cleansing, so this cause clogged pores. Therefore there is no harm in utilizing lemon juice as a natural ingredient facial treatments, vitamin C in lime juice is very effective in helping to reduce acne.
3. Brighten Face
Currently, many beauty products that are sold freely on the market. However, the chemicals contained in these beauty products of course have side effects that are dangerous to the health of the skin. To avoid this, it could not hurt to use natural materials such as lime in treating the face. The content of AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids) and vitamin C in the lemon can encourage formation of new skin cells healthier and certainly brighter.
4. Mengangkal Free Radicals
Benefits of lemon next to counteract free radicals on the skin. Antioxidants contained in this fruit can keep the skin to remain healthy and free from free radicals. Not only that, there is also an antioxidant that can prevent premature aging. So the skin will always look young and healthy.
So how do I use it? For more details, see the following review.

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How Natural Skin Care with Lime

Method 1: Lime
The first way is to clean your face of makeup and prepare 1 lemon then split into 2 parts. After that rub on the skin of the face and neck until evenly distributed. In addition to rub on your skin can also squeeze him first and then apply on the face. Let stand for a few minutes until the mask is dry lime and absorbs into the skin. After that, rinse with cold water. Tertaur perform this treatment can make the skin more fresh and bright.
In using the mask of lemon there are things to note are stop use when skin irritation. In addition, when treatment with lime avoid skin by exposure to sunlight.
Method 2: Lime and White Eggs
When compared with the first way, the second way is better and more effective in treating facial skin. This is because in addition to brighten, add the egg whites when doing this treatment can make the skin firmer and oil-free. The trick is quite easy, mix the lime juice to the egg whites and mix well to evenly apply on face. So that the content of lime and egg white can permeate, lightly massage your face and let sit for a few minutes then wash with warm and cold water.
Method 3: Lime and Honey
Utilizing lemon and honey for skin care is also one way that can be tried. How to make it was the same as the second way. That mix lime juice and honey and apply on face. Let stand and rinse thoroughly.
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