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Shatta Wale – I Try (Lyrics) [Prod. By Willis Beatz]

We bring to you the lyrics for the newly released single,I Try (M3gya Agbagba) by Shatta Wale kindly read Shatta Wale – I Try (Lyrics) and sing along real fan of Shatta Wale.AUDIO + LYRICS

I TRY (Prod. by Willisbeatz) [Download]


Okay… Mi ʤi ha (let’s sing)

Shatta Waleee

Erh! God bless!!



Akpe na Mawu bε εkö εha da shi nam oo… da shi nam oo

Növi nyε mε ga ʦi ʤio Mawu wö gε na wu oo…wö g3 na wu oo

Akpe na Mawu bε εkö εha da shi nam oo… da shi nam oo

Növi nyε mε ga ʦi ʤio Mawu wↄ gε na wu oo oo

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[Mε ʤa’gbagba… Oh! Agbagba

Somebody help me dance agbaʤa] 4×


See me I live for Kpando

The food I dey chop all be corn dough

Borborbor I know…no be Azonto

My United States be Togo

See I enter Aflao, Keta, Akaʦiabör, I dey run Ho

Don’t go Fódóme with your yóyó

Tögbui Shipi Shatta Wale mεva dó (I’ve arrived)

Herh! Herh!! Herh!!!

ʹNnyεko ni ma’kpa mö ko fai

Don’t lie my people, me I try

But I am a lion on the rise

So stop dey dirty yourself like some swine

From Kéjébi, Kokloʤiköpè, Anfoiɠa, Dzóʦεköpè

Erh! … See how my people dey call me hero

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Go check Soɠaköpè



You for be proud say

You ever meet Shatta Wale for your life

Be grateful

Ask Tobacco… the things wey we do

The things… no be playful

Charlie! Me I dey expand

I swear you no go understand

If you no dey like me, why you dey watch me everyday?

Why you be watchman?




Translation of VERSE I

(Thanks be to God for putting music in my hands

My brother / my sister do not worry, for God will provide)

Credit: Mensah Ishmael