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Notifybuk : A Professional Tool To Skyrocket Your Business


Are you a business man/woman? Are you interested in advertising your products where you can be guaranteed of a number of people viewing your products?
Are you interested in making money just by viewing or browsing a site or downloading and using an app? Yes? Are you sure? Ok, then look further nowhere than waiting patiently for NotifyBuk which is being launched on 9th April, 2018.

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Notifybuk is an online market platform where investors or business men/women can publish their products and depending on the number of target audience you choose your product to reach, you pay and Notifybuk will make sure that number of target audience are reached.

Furthermore, notifybuk.com makes sure that people directed to your website through the product link spends at least 5minutes on your website…. Yeah, 5 full minutes.

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For the notifybuk.com users, the greatest part of the deal is you making money by just downloading the notifybuk app from google play store and be making your money while using the app to browse the notifybuk and following its content links.

Thinking how you would be paid right? Ok, before you start using the app after downloading, you have to register with your name and telephone number which gives you the channel of receiving your payment per your task of using the app to browse..read more from their official site. visit: notifybuk website

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