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No one can make me regret having my son – Amanda Ebeyea

Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye has revealed that despite being criticized for being a single mother, she does not have regrets. It came as a shock to most people when the actress had a baby in Canada when it was clear she was not married. The sultry actress was slammed on social media by fans who thought it was immoral for her to have a baby outside wedlock.

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Reacting to the incessant criticism of her status as a single mother, she said:” Nobody in this world can make me regret having my son. That’s the best decision I ever made in my life”

She was also quick to say that the attack has never made her shed a tear.Hear her:”Do people cry because of social media? I doubt it”.

The actress popular for her role in Clinic Matters said she is coping well as a single mother stating that parenting is easier for her.

“I cope perfectly. I take my son to daycare after which I go to school. When I’m done, I’ll pick him up and we go home. When he’s awake, I’m doing what I have to do. Then when he is sleeping, I sleep a little too. I just work around him. Everything I do has to correspond with his and it makes parenting so much easier that way”.

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