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Lady in atopa tape with Pastor Wilson revealed-Here’s why she leaked it

After days of research, the lady who was licked religiously by USA pastor, David Wilson has been discovered.

Shockingly, the lady is the daughter of Pastor Wilson’s wife’s best friend. She has been identified as, Corinthia Edwards.

Reports have revealed Corinthia Edwards and Pastor Wilson have been dating for a while and it was Corinthia who shot the video when she was being given the miraculous lick.

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In exchange for the affair, Corinthia was promised a leader in the church choir by Pastor Wilson. However, Pastor Wilson reneged on his promise to Corinthia Edwards.

This was what pissed her off forcing her to leak the video of Pastor Wilson licking her Toto like he was digging for gold.

In one of her post on social media after she was given the head of her life, Corinthia Edwards wrote on her timeline:

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“You’d be smiling like this too if Pastor Williams wrote the Lord’s Prayer in calligraphy on your south mouth with his tongue.”

This has led many social media users to conclude that Corinthia enjoyed the head from Pastor Wilson. Which woman wouldn’t? Lol

Meanwhile, Pastor Wilson has thrown jabs at her critics. According to the pastor who has been preaching for the past 40 years, he loves beautiful clean black women and licking is actually good for his health.

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He further told all his critics to fuck off because licking black pussy is not a crime or abomination. Pastor Wilson’s family, however, is still denying he is the person in the video.