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Ignite Accra 2017 on February 25

Time to bring out the best in you. Time to let us see what you can say within five (5) minutes with twenty (20) slides. Ladies and gentlemen Ignite Accra 2017 is here for you.

Ignite Accra is a series of speedy presentations where speakers use twenty (20) slides to share their innovative or inspiring ideas or stories. The result is a fast and fun presentation. Speakers will be allowed extra ten (10) minutes interaction with the participants through questions & answers.
With the focus more on tertiary and graduates, book a seat now to attend this event. Happening on February 25, inside Silverbird Cinemas (Accra Mall)
Book a seat to attend, it’s free. Call us on 0244351391 or 0238493329 to register
Ignite Accra 2017;inspiring innovative ideas

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