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Hamamat Montia confirms the arrival of Yvonne Nelson’s baby girl

Ghanaian model, Hamamat Montia has confirmed the arrival of Yvonne Nelson’s first baby. Earlier reports indicated that the Ghanaian actress and producer had welcomed a baby girl in a hospital in Accra but the majority of fans doubted it.

Hamamat Montia took to Instagram Monday, October 30, to congratulate her friend.
She shared a photo with two adorable baby girls with the caption: “Meet @zuzuandsasa
My daughter #Safari (left)lives in her own world while #Zuri (right) lives in mine .
Girls are a blessing .
Growing up in #Africa society makes you think boys are much more valuable than girls .
I mean I was also brainwashed until I became a mother.
After I had #Zuri my grandmother #Kaaka said to me ” You have done very well , giving birth to a girl as your first means prosperity- it means things will be easier for you than others in your journey of life , I said well Kaaka I wanted a boy then she hit my mouth(ouch!) and said never say that . In our tradition giving birth to boys first means things will be tough , it means your journey in life will not be easy “. Do you believe in #superstition ?
Anyway I can’t confirm or deny what kaaka said but I think I am starting to believe it because I have had some really tough times after they were born but somehow life always makes it easy for me to find a way . Congratulations to the beautiful @yvonnenelsongh on having a baby girl .
Girls are amazing, they will love you deeply and truly and will also steal theirs father’s heart and give it all to you.
Enjoy motherhood my friend I know you will be a wonderful mother ”


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