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Edem’s Gbevu Nation is demonic and a sign of 666 – Prophet

Fan armies are vital fanbase behind the successes of many current top Ghanaian musicians but one of them has been described as ‘demonic’ and a sign of 666.
According to a Volta Region-based prophet, Gbevu Nation, the official fan army for rapper Edem, is demonic and a sign of 666.
In one of his recent ministrations on Afloa-based Holy FM, the prophet whose name is yet to be known, recounted how he got to know of the fan army and why it is devilish.
“I was preparing this message within the week. As I was praying over it (sermon), someone came to my office and gave me a sticker of Gbevu Nation and use as my sermon.”
He said people are joining the fan army because of money and are unaware of what it represents.
“So because of money, our young people are being lured into these societies and most of them do not even know. Indeed it’s the mark of 666…it’s on the foreheads of people. Most of them do not know that it is of the devil.”
He added that Gbevu Nation will lead the youth to death.
“They stick it on the cars, motorcycle, T-shirts, and all their properties. Most of them do not know that it’s demonic. And it’s even making our young men sleep in cemeteries nowadays.
“My brother or sister listening to me, you are selling your soul to the devil. Most of them are dying sudden deaths.”
We have reached Edem for comments but no word yet.

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