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Davido What’s the true state of singer’s deal with Sony Music?

It’s 2017, and Davido has done what he knows how to do best: maintain drama and activity centered on himself.

Utilizing his social media, the young kid has been working his balls off to further his art and release music on his own terms. Where he spent a great part of 2016 on a hiatus, he is looking to operate at the highest level, and show prolific form by getting music off his chest and into radio.

In 2017, he started off with complaints on his beloved Snapchat. Davido is at his realest on his Snapchat. He thinks, walks, brags, loves and takes shits and shots on that platform. Baby Imade, his lovely daughter, gets a huge amount of Snap time, so does all of his gang members.

And it is via Snapchat that he bares his soul and updates fans regularly on the state of affairs in his business. Kamal Ajiboye, his long-time manager was fired ceremoniously on Snapchat. So also did we get announcements of the groundbreaking Sony deal, and the ensuing celebration that accompanied the move.

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It is also on Snapchat that he expresses his recurrent unhappiness with Sony Music, and the deal that he signed last year. This year, his endearing comment about Sony Music was quite the word.

“Fuck all that international shit! It’s cool but fuck it. I am back to the basics,” He wrote on the platform.

This line was mostly ignored due to the drama that followed with the sacking of his manager. And no one can be blamed. It’s human nature to focus on juicy drama, while ignoring the ‘boring’ business. But Davido continues to drop hints that all is not right.

A photo uploaded on his social media says “Creative control returned, new music in 2 days.” This is an obvious dig at Sony Music who gave him money and he signed on to a contract that gave them total control over his creative process and mode of release and distribution.

According to sources, that deal has been modified for Africa, giving him more space and power on his home continent. It is that freedom that he is celebrating.

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“David’s deal is still fine with us.” Michael Ugwu, General Manager, Sony Music West Africa tells Pulse via a phone conversation. “Everything is still happening within his contract with us. He has a deal for the rest of the world, and a slightly different deal in Africa. But everything is cool.”

Another source close to Davido, who spoke with Pulse on condition of anonymity said, “Davido’s deal has been modified. In Africa, he has more freedom now, and can release music under his name, by himself, instead of using his DMW record label.”

The new arrangement has already kicked into play. Davido’s latest single is titled ‘If’. It was produced by Tekno, and has a video shot by Nigerian filmmaker, Director Q. There is no Sony Music or RCA signage in the visual.

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Davido clearly has regained creative freedom for Africa, and although that is a good thing for the artiste who rose to fame on an independent structure, he still has to deliver for Sony. A single with US rappers, Rae Sremmurd, already has a video shot, and would continue the Davido project at RCA records.
But for now, Sony Music Entertainment is still involved, and Davido who ate his cake last year, still has a bit of it left, that can only be eaten in his home continent.

source:pulse .ng