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Bartomeu: I am happy about the PSG investigation

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu believes there should be a limit on what clubs can spend on players in order to avoid a repeat of a transfer like Neymar’s to Paris Saint-Germain, and he is happy that the deal for the Brazilian is being looked into.

It was a move that left many at Barcelona annoyed.

“I will not say how much we offered,” he responded when asked about their pursuit of Philippe Coutinho this summer.

“Liverpool asked for 200 million, but we were not going to give 200 or 150m.

“Clubs have to respect the rules and I am happy that PSG are being investigated, it is in the interest of European clubs.”

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Continuing to discuss Lionel Messi’s renewal, Bartomeu insists that an agreement is all but confirmed, and that the player’s father has signed a contract.

“The contract is signed by his father,” he said.

“It is just missing his signature and a photograph, but it will be done.

“He has shown his commitment on the field. He is the best player in the world and in history.”

With a vote of no confidence being prepared against him, Bartomeu was adamant that he was not losing any sleep due to his unpopularity.

“It has cost me no sleep,” he said.

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“I do not look for love, I just want to be seen as someone who works a lot and who is always looking to improve this club.”

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