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Are you forgetting your lips?

Everyone has a skin care and beauty routine for their face, but do you remember to take care of your lips, too? It is easy to keep them soft and kissable with just a few steps. Read on to learn more about how to ensure your lips are always supple and beautiful!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will make your lips soft and smooth from the inside out. If your house is dry, especially in winter, try running a humidifier while you sleep to keep skin hydrated.

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Just like with the rest of the skin on your body, lips can look dull and dead if you don’t exfoliate. Gently sloughing off the layer of dead skin cells allows the soft new skin to shine through. Exfoliate no more than once a week and follow up with lip butter or moisturizer to ensure lips do not get irritated.

Use Lip Products with SPF

The skin on your lips is extremely delicate because it lacks melanin, making it extra susceptible to sun damage. Layer a balm with SPF over your favorite lip product or look for glosses and lipsticks that have SPF to save some time. Do this every day that you spend any significant amount of time outside to protect your pout!

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Ditch the Lipstick

Many lipsticks, especially the matte formulas, are composed of drying alcohols and other chemicals. They can dry your lips out in a hurry! If you have chapped lips, stick to tinted balms or lipsticks that contain hydrating ingredients like vitamin E or glycerin. Can’t bear the thought of going without your favorite lip color? At least apply a layer of eos moisturizing balm underneath to avoid damaging your skin.

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Stop Licking and Biting

When you lick your lips to keep them from feeling dry, it actually makes them more chapped because it removes their natural protective layer. Biting them is even worse because it damages many layers of skin. To keep yourself from doing these destructive actions, apply a super moisturizing balm regularly.

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